U. S. Air Force

U. S. Army

George P. Abbott Jr. TSG US Army
Herbert Lee Blick US Army
William G. Causey SGT US Army
George Cecil Clarke SGT US Army
Richard Thomas Crowder PFC US Army
Henry Herman Daniel Jr. PFC US Army
Osborne Ellis PVT US Army
Willie Lynn Glenn PVT US Army
Fred Hall PFC US Army
Berthier B. Hawks III CAPT US Army
Curn L. Jones PVT US Army
Harold D. Joy 2LT US Army
Willie Ashley Lanier SSG US Army
Herbert J. Lewis PVT US Army
Hiram Lewis Lucy PFC US Army
Basil K. Manning PFC US Army
Eugene Emory Moseley SSG US Army
Charles H. Pearson PVT US Army
Harry Lee Pulley PVT US Army
John W. Ross PVT US Army
Fred Edgar Smith Jr. PVT US Army
Ashton Louis Tatum PFC US Army
Grover Howard Walton CAPT US Army
Edison Randolph Weaver PVT US Army
Curtiss Alwood Williams CPL US Army
Atlas Elwood Wright CPL US Army
Ervin H. Wright PFC US Army
Erwin Heckman Wright PFC US Army
Silas Macon Wright PVT US Army
Floyd E. Wyatt PVT US Army
James C. Wyatt SGT US Army

U. S. Marine Corp

Robert Benjamin Turnbull CAPT US Marine Corps

U. S. Navy

John Joseph Barreto S1C US Navy
George Cameron Deane COX US Navy
Jessie Lee Elder S2C US Navy
Arthur Bain Hopper S1C US Navy
Kenneth Kernschan Kidd SM1C US Navy
Kenneth Young Maitland S2C US Navy
Eldridge Warren McKinney RT3C US Navy

Please feel free to submit the names and photos of your servicemen that fought in World War II. Please include branch and rank. This page is in tribute to the many local servicemen from this area.

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